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Doroub Libya Official Distributor

Doroub Libya serves as the official distributor for several major automotive and parts companies, including:
hyundai logo

Hyundai Motor Company

hyundai mobis logo

Hyundai Mobis (Hyundai Motors Genuine Parts)

sk enmove logo

SK Enmove

nexen tire logo

Nexen Tire

kumho tire logo

Kumho Tire

dn logo

DN Automotive

sangsin logo

Sangsin Brake

Used-Car Import & Sales:

The subsidiary also handles the import and sale of used cars, with over 80,000 cars sold annually.

alfoulk logo

Al Foulk Al Mashhoun Shipping

Official Shipping Agent:
This subsidiary acts as the official shipping agent for prominent companies like Hyundai Glovis and Eukor, handling container ships.

New-Car and Used-Car Shipment:
They manage the shipment of both new and used cars.

In-Land Trucking:
Services include container, car carrier, and various storage services.

Discharge Service:
Provides discharge services at Misurata Port, Libya.

medsky logo

MedSky Airways

Airline Business:
MedSky Airways operates in the airline sector.

Major Service (Abroad):
Provides major services in international locations such as Malta, Tunis, and Turkey.

Major Service (Domestic):
Key domestic operations are in Misurata, Tripoli, Sebha, and Benghazi.

aljaid logo

Al Jaied

Al Jaied OEM Brand:
This subsidiary produces a range of food products under the Al Jaied brand, including: Canned tuna, pasta, tomato paste, milk, cheese, butter, sunflower oil, tea, and more.

These subsidiaries highlight AL-ETAH Group’s diverse investments across various sectors, including automotive distribution, shipping and logistics, airline operations, and food production, showcasing their broad operational scope and market influence in Libya.