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Transport Sector

AL-ETAH Group is a key player in the transport industry, with diverse investments across various modes of transportation:

medsky logo

Air Transport

Through MedSky Airways, the company operates a robust airline business, offering services both domestically and internationally.
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Maritime Transport

The subsidiary Al Foulk Al Mashhoun Shipping handles shipping operations, including partnerships with major maritime companies like Hyundai Glovis and Eukor. Services include container shipping, car shipment, and discharge services at Misurata Port, Libya.
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Automotive Sector

Doroub Libya, another subsidiary, is an official distributor for major automotive brands and parts manufacturers. It also manages the import and sale of new and used vehicles, providing extensive after-sales services. JAC Libya is an emerging name in the automotive sector, serving as the official distributor for JAC Motors from China in the Libyan market.