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AL-ETAH Group has a strong presence in the agri-food sector, with substantial investments in the acquisition of oases and fruit tree fields. The company operates a comprehensive infrastructure that includes factories, equipment, silos, warehouses, cranes, and a fleet of land and maritime vehicles. This infrastructure ensures efficient logistics and high-quality production, enabling AL-ETAH to meet both local and international demand. Al-Jaeid is a leading name in the Libyan market, operating on a large scale within the Agri-Food industry. The company makes substantial contributions to both the local Libyan and international Agri-Food sectors.

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AL-ETAH Group is a key player in the transport industry, with diverse investments across various modes of transportation:

Air Transport

Through MedSky Airways, the company operates a robust airline business, offering services both domestically and internationally.

Maritime Transport

The subsidiary Al Foulk Al Mashhoun Shipping handles shipping operations, including partnerships with major maritime companies like Hyundai Glovis and Eukor. Services include container shipping, car shipment, and discharge services at Misurata Port, Libya.

Automotive Sector

Doroub Libya, another subsidiary, is an official distributor for major automotive brands and parts manufacturers. It also manages the import and sale of new and used vehicles, providing extensive after-sales services. JAC Libya is an emerging name in the automotive sector, serving as the official distributor for JAC Motors from China in the Libyan market.

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Real Estate
and Construction

AL-ETAH Group has significant investments in real estate and construction. The company is involved in a wide range of projects, including residential, commercial, and industrial developments. Among its ambitious plans is the construction of the largest tourist resort on the Libyan coast, aimed at boosting tourism and economic development in the region. A notable name under AL-ETAH’s umbrella is Tameer Al-Methaliya. This company is significantly impacting the real estate sector by delivering expert and reliable services to the Libyan market.

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Recognizing the importance of sustainable development, AL-ETAH Group has invested heavily in the renewable energy sector. The company is involved in various projects that focus on harnessing renewable energy sources, contributing to a greener and more sustainable future. Al-Enarah Group is a leading company in the Libyan market, actively involved in and making a significant impact on the renewable energy industry.

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and Logistics

In addition to maritime transport, AL-ETAH Group provides comprehensive shipping and logistics services. This includes in-land trucking, container and car carrier services, and various storage solutions. The company’s logistics network ensures efficient and reliable transportation of goods locally and internationally. A major name under the umbrella of AL-ETAH is Al-Foulk, a prominent shipping and logistics operator based in Libya. Al-Foulk specializes in managing large and medium-scale import and export shipments to and from Libya.

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Under the Al Jaied brand, AL-ETAH Group produces a variety of food products, including canned tuna, pasta, tomato paste, milk, cheese, butter, sunflower oil, and tea. The company focuses on delivering high-quality food products to meet the needs of consumers both in Libya and abroad.

These sectors illustrate AL-ETAH Group’s diversified portfolio and commitment to excellence across different industries, ensuring sustainable growth and development in each area of operation.

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As of 2023, think tanks of AL-ETAH group have identified the potential of Media Industry and the group has launched efforts to step into this growing industry to diversify the growing portfolio of the group. Within the Media Industry, EL-ETAH has already launched a full stream company.


Boasting a staff of 20+ employees from the start, Al-Ahed aims to not only streamline AL-ETAH’s internal media operations, but also provides full media handling services to third party companies as well. The launch has been a tremendous success with multiple companies interested in Al-Ahed’s services, and the trained and exceptional staff is making it beneficial for all the companies that use these services.