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doroub logo

Doroub Libya is the official distributor for Hyundai automobiles from Korea. In addition to managing the distribution of this prestigious international car brand, Doroub Libya provides a comprehensive range of automotive services in the Libyan market. These services include automotive aftersales support, maintenance and repair, and the distribution of OEM parts, ensuring that Hyundai vehicles are well-serviced and maintained.

Doroub Libya has consistently exceeded Hyundai’s expectations regarding annual sales growth, repeatedly setting new sales records and enhancing Hyundai’s brand image in Libya. This exceptional performance has earned Doroub Libya multiple awards from Hyundai, recognizing their outstanding contributions in the Middle East and North Africa.

lighting group logo

Lightning Group is a leading provider of renewable energy services and solutions, dedicated to tackling electricity and energy challenges by enhancing access to and encouraging the adoption of clean, energy-efficient technologies.

Our company is at the forefront of developing a green economy characterized by low emissions, resource efficiency, and social inclusivity.
This vision is being realized through the efforts of our knowledge-driven team and a network of internationally qualified experts in renewable energy technologies, sustainable development, and engineering.

We are committed to creating sustainable solutions that enrich lives by reducing energy poverty and delivering long-lasting, reliable energy solutions for households, businesses, and communities.

aljaid logo

Al-Jaeid OEM Brand is a distinguished subsidiary known for producing a wide variety of food products under the Al-Jaeid name. This brand has made a significant impact on the local Libyan market by offering an extensive range of high-quality food items. The product lineup includes canned tuna, pasta, tomato paste, milk, cheese, butter, sunflower oil, tea, and more, catering to diverse culinary needs and preferences.

Al-Jaeid has established an exceptional presence in Libya, becoming a trusted and recognizable name among consumers. This success is attributed not only to the quality and variety of its products but also to its active engagement in the community. Al-Jaeid proactively participates in various cultural and religious events, which has helped in building a strong and positive brand image. By supporting and being involved in these events, Al-Jaeid reinforces its commitment to local traditions and values, further endearing itself to the Libyan populace.

Through these efforts, Al-Jaeid has successfully positioned itself as a prominent local brand, synonymous with reliability and excellence. Its dedication to community involvement and high-quality product offerings continues to enhance its reputation and market presence in Libya.

obour logo

Obour Electronic Payment Solutions is a premier provider of electronic payment solutions, serving banks and financial institutions across Libya. Founded in 2021, the company received its operating license from the Central Bank of Libya, positioning itself as a competitive leader in the industry. Our vision focuses on establishing robust relationships with all sectors, banks, and financial institutions within Libya, adhering to principles of excellence to achieve customer satisfaction and optimal returns marked by stability.

Our mission is driven by a team of experienced professionals in Libyan banking services, fostering development and innovation to meet our customers’ evolving needs and achieve exceptional success. We offer a comprehensive range of electronic payment solutions, including card issuance, encoding, printing, and digital payment processing.

Committed to maintaining our leadership in the field, we aim to assist banks, institutions, and government entities in adopting digital transformation and efficiently managing their payment operations with high quality. Our dedication to innovation and continuous development ensures the advancement of payment service digitization in Libya.

alfoulk logo

A major name under the umbrella of AL-ETAH is Al-Foulk, a prominent shipping and logistics operator based in Libya. Al-Foulk specializes in managing large and medium-scale import and export shipments to and from Libya.

suntop logo

The exclusive and authorized agent for the Sun Top brand in Libya.

Since 1994, TAZEZ has been a leader in the building materials industry, based in Misurata, Libya. We are committed to delivering high-quality products and reliable service to our customers and the communities we serve. Our goal is to meet the needs of our customers and create value for our stakeholders by being the most efficient and innovative building materials company. Dedicated to helping build a greater Libya, TAZEZ combines financial success with a strong commitment to sustainable development.

Established in 2010, Taemir Almithalia for Real Estate is a company specializing in contracting and real estate investment. In collaboration with Rotana Libya Tourism Services Company, Taemir Almithalia is developing a tourist village named “A Family” on a 20-hectare site. Initial operations have commenced, focusing on site preparation and waste removal.

Dinarak is a specialized company in electronic services with a capital of 15 million. The company is dedicated to providing essential electronic payment tools and services needed by the banking sector today.

Dinarak’s activities are poised to significantly contribute to the growth of the banking sector, while also aligning with Libya’s broader aspirations for digital transformation and e-government infrastructure. This will open numerous opportunities and investment avenues within the country.

In collaboration with Jumhouria Bank, Dinarak established a subsidiary company with a capital of 30 million to handle electronic business operations within the bank.