Aletah group

The AL ETHA Group ties with the international trade and maritime date back to long before the Group was created. The first records of their involvement in trading and maritime shipping are from as early as 1992, when founded the first company to import foodstuffs and household appliances , with their increase in the volume of imports and the multiplicity of activities including contents of founding group of private companies for import and distribution this type of products such as AL BAYET AL MAMOUR and Pearl of the Gulf for household appliances and AL SAFWA for importing materials, clothing, etc. then increased economic growth for the group even founded ”DROOB”

”DROOB” has been built for importing vehicles and spare parts, which established with a capital of USD 32 million, followed by seven Showrooms of cars, including two showrooms in Tripoli, three showrooms in Misurata and Two Showrooms in Benghazi.

The company is working in the field of importing new and used vehicles from Korea, Dubai, Lebanon, Jordan and other countries.

Until the work was organized under a AL GAIED CO. which contained all previous companies excluded ”DROOB”, and To facilitate and support the movement of import started first signal to enter the world of maritime and transportation with the first company founded specially to provides port services and customs clearance under name ”AL MUHANAD” Who tended to the attention of importers quickly doubled effort and size productivity which rapidly, resulting in that formed a cumulative experience of a petition because the volume of transactions delivered by an annexed records and witness its expertise beyond over eighteen years, and most important of all has become the first solid basis in the series activities of the company created by successively to include multiple companies and offices varied activities of coordination like import trade, shipping, customs clearance, transport, access to marketing and after-sales service .

All are working in harmony and unison with each other to complete all its episodes in many series. Within the company’s policy that taken by the development and expansion path, ALETHA Group owners are decided to establish ”AL FOULK AL MASHHOUN SHIPPING AGENCY” as a real start in the shipping and maritime field, This company wholly owned by the group administration, established in 2004 for the purpose of practicing all business related to all maritime agencies serving all Libyan sea ports and airports, Which included all services related to the Shipping Agency, customs clearance, Ship-owners, vessel’s charters, tankers and tugboats, and even seeks to achieve its objectives to provide their necessary either locally or imported from abroad.